Islamic Studies Interactive Notebook: Aqeedah Unit 1 ~ Knowing Allah


Last Updated
25th August 2018


  1. MashaAllah Sister! May Allah give you and your family Jannatul Firdaus! It is so beneficial and beautiful work mashaAllah!

  2. masha allah! may allah reward you. I m so excited to do this with my daughter.

  3. asalaam elikum, this is such a beneficial site, and amazing resources, I had one question regarding filling these books on Pillars of imaan, do you have some link that tells us how to fill them? please help as i am new to this

  4. assalaam elikum, before I as you my question i would like to thank you for this amazing resource, may Allah reward you and your family for this.

    My question is related to the pillars of imaan books, how to we fill them, is there a website, or link we have to follow, some pages are self explanatory others i am not sure what is required, could you please help


بارك الله فيك
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