Women Exercising & Working Out

Answered by Shaykh Muqbil Ibn Hadee

What is the legislative ruling on the woman who exercises, whether within her home or outside of her home? 
If it is within the home then there is no harm; rather, we advise with this. If she has work to do then her work takes more precedence. Meaning, work in the service of her house and her home; it is appropriate for her to begin with this. Similarly, if she is with the women and foreign men do not see her, then there is no harm with this, insha-Allaah. Rather, we advise with this. This is because being stagnant and idle will perhaps lead to boredom and weakness in preservation (of the obligations); and to what else, O brothers? To weakness of the body. So what is correct is that the Muslim male and the Muslim female are in need of exercise, within the limits of the legislation.
Translated by: Raha ibn Donald Batts


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