Solar System Interactive Notebook

26 Pages of Interactive Notebooking, introduction to the Solar System and an in-depth study of the Sun & the Moon, incorporates Qur'aan and Ahadith, designed to be used alongside


  1. Thank you very much for these resources..
    Iam curious to know If these books are made by you at home !! Or you just found and printed them ???

    1. I made this (and many of the other resources) myself.

    2. Thanks a lot for your reply.
      Really great effort.
      Iam impressed by your homeschooling journey and I always wonder which curriculum you are following or how you choose your topics or lessons ??

    3. Another question If you please..
      when you introduce a new topic for your kids for the first time,it is in English
      If you want them to learn the meaning of many words in this topic in Arabic...Do you introduce them in Arabic at the same time ?? And If so Doesn't that make them confused or something ??

  2. Assalam o alaikum.i am unable to downlo@d this and i really want it please.


بارك الله فيك
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