Madinah Arabic Activity Pack

This PDF file contains Interactive Notebooking Pages and Practise Exercise Worksheets that can be used in conjunction with the Madinah Arabic Course books and the Madinah Arabic Reader books by Dr V. Abdur Rahim.
They also compliment the online video classes with Brother Asif Meherali of the Lughat ul-Qur'an Institute, Toronto, Canada.
At present the file contains 60 pages that cover:

 Madinah Arabic Book 1: Lesson 1  ( هَذَا )
  Madinah Arabic Book 1: Lesson 2  ذَلِكَ )
            Madinah Arabic Book 1: Lesson 3  الْمُبْتَدَا وَالْخَبْرْ )
Last Updated 18th August 2018


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