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The Seller of Musk ~ by Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

The Seller of Musk
What Makes a Good Friend: The Islamic Perspective
One Way To Paradise Series (#YouthEdition Book 1)
 by Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

About the Author
Wajdi Akkari (a.k.a. Abu Mussab), a world-renowned speaker born in Lebanon in the year 1980, is known for his dynamic talks and humorous approach in giving lectures.

Due to his wild past which involved becoming a Buddhist, a rapper, an artist, a comedian, among many other aspects of wilderness, he has undergone a beautiful journey of rediscovery and enlightenment as he followed a path which made him the Muslim he is today.

He is an increasingly popular and relatable teacher for many of our youth, those struggling to practice Islam, as well as non-Muslims.

He studied Islam under various teachers and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies, wherein he graduated with honors (summa cum laude). He has thousands of videos available on YouTube discussing every aspect of life from a religious point of view. All praise is due to Allah.

Overall, he is a regular brother who strives to act upon and propagate the teachings of Islam according to the Qur’an, Sunnah, and the understanding of the righteous predecessors.

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Book Review by Iman's Homeschool

As a Muslim revert, I first began listening to Abu Mussab's lectures over ten years ago and in recent years, as my children have become tweens and teens, we have benefited from his huge library of lessons and lectures via OneWayToParadise

And being a family of homeschoolers, my children have been brought up with a love for reading books, mashaaAllaah, so imagine our delight when we discovered our favourite speaker and teacher is producing a series of books for children and teenagers!

This book is brilliant and inspired! It has so much appeal because it perfectly captures brother Wajdi's unique, easy-going and humourous style ... it's like reading aloud one of his lectures!

The subject of the book is based on companionship from an Islamic perspective; a very relevant topic to begin with, at a time when peer pressures often dominate the lives of our teenage children.

It discusses, with many relatable examples, the benefits of having good friends and also how to avoid making bad friends with lots of tips and scholarly advice included on how to give dawah to bad friends.

The layout of the book is wonderful: bright colours and bold text make this book easy and enjoyable to read and the Arabic text (with tashkeel) has been included for the ayat and ahadeeth. Each chapter is also illustrated with cute and comical characters that help provide a more informal approach to what is, in reality, a very important and serious matter.

In the intro to the book, brother Wajdi gives credit to his family members, including his children, who all came together to produce this wonderful work and it is clear to see that his fatherly nature is at the heart of this series.

As a parent, I hope to benefit myself and my children from this book. We wish brother Wajdi and his family success from Allaah in completing this series and we look forward to many future publications, bi'ithnillaah.

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Tafsir of Surah al-Fatihah (Audio Lessons)

Taught by
Bro. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

Kashf ush-Shubuhaat

Brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari
One Way To Paradise

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Al-'Aqeedatul Waasitiyyah (Audio & Live Video Lessons)

Al-'Aqeedatul Waasitiyyah
Shaykh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah
Commentary by
Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salih al-'Uthaymeen
Lessons by
Bro. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari
One Way to Paradise

Sharh Usool al-Eemaan (Audio Lessons)

Bulk Download (MP3) 17 Lessons
From the book authored by Shaykhul Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab
with Explanation by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen
17 Audio Lessons presented by
Bro. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

Sharh Thalaathatul Usool (Audio Lessons)

From the book authored by Shaykhul Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab
with Explanation by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen
10 Audio Lessons presented by
Bro. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

The Ten Manners ~ An Illustrated Booklet of Ayat & Ahadith

Over 30 illustrated pages of Ayat and Ahadith
based on the risalah entitled
'Al-Adab al-'Aashrah' 
by Shaykh Salih al-'Usaymee (hafidhaAllaah)  

Ramadan Doodle & Note Workbook

40 Doodle & Note Pages to learn about Ramadan
(links included to authentic sources to help the student complete the activities)


Rainbows of Recognition - Thanking NHS Workers & Medical Professionals

NHS Workers and medical professionals world-wide are putting their lives on the line, working day and night to take care of the sick and vulnerable during the Coronavirus pandemic.
We would like to express our thanks and show them our support during these difficult days because the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:
لاَ يَشْكُرُ اللَّهَ مَنْ لاَ يَشْكُرُ النَّاسَ
"Whoever does not thank the people has not thanked Allah." *
In recognition of their tireless efforts, we would like to invite you to join us in taking part in our 'Rainbows of Recognition' artwork initiative.
Children and adults alike are encouraged to make a rainbow-themed piece of artwork. This can include drawing, painting, collage, craft, needle-work or even poetry.
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